We reclaim our Future.

We turn systemic climate action into bite-sized chunks. Our technology makes civic engagement accessible, and rewarding.

We measure impact in real-time.

Join our community and rethink climate action.

Individual actions are woefully insufficient to fix climate change.

Consumers can't solve climate change. Citizens can. Why let guilt immobilize us if that's not based on facts? Let's come together. Let's make changing norms, values, and politics fun, and reclaim our future!

The Carbon Footprint sham

The carbon footprint was popularized by BP as part of a hugely successful PR stunt to recast climate change as being the fault of consumers (1). Why? To keep selling.

It's about power, not your groceries.

Just 100 companies emit 71% of human CO₂e and they do little about it (1, 2). Even if 100% of the UK/US/EU population drastically changed their lives (50% less flights, vegan, no cars, green power, ...), global emissions would go down by only 10% (3, 4, 5, 6). Almost half of individual emissions are beyond our control (7).

It's your future. Reclaim it!

Hundreds of millions of people care about the climate. If a fraction of them engages, we can preserve civilization as know it. Climate Hour makes your climate journey accessible, engaging, and rewarding.

Our next big thing

The revolution is user-centric. And it starts in Berlin.

Berlin2030 is launching - Germany's most impactful climate lever. A joint project with Klimaneustart Berlin, Fridays for Future, and ProjectTogether.